Take care of your gear & the results will speak for themselves

Everyone can benefit from a freshly tuned ski or board. Tuning your gear improves edge control and turn initiation, while base grinds and regular waxing improves glide, stops snow sticking and inhibits edges from rusting.

Snowcentre Newmarket has a full Wintersteiger workshop, SnowcentrePowderhorn has the Montana Crystal Glide.

Both stores are fully equipped to handle any of your tuning requirements.

From waxing to base grinds, patches to full edge repairs, Snowcentre has the equipment and the expertise to get your gear ready to rip.

 New Ski or Snowboard Base Preparation $69.00 
Checked with a true bar & tuned accordingly, ready for use.
FREE with any new Ski or Snowboard purchased at Snowcentre.

Machine Wax (Wax Jet 92) $15.00 
Waxed using a universal wax and then polished.  
Hot Wax $19.00 
Waxed, scraped & brushed by hand with a universal wax.
(Special wax request for specific snow temperatures / conditions   +$10.00)
Storage Wax $39.00 
Hot wax to protect your skis or snowboard whilst not in use. Wax left on base and edges. (includes a FREE scrape prior to the start of the following season)  
Wax & Edge $39.00 
Machine tuned edges with (Sigma SBI) and a universal wax (Wax Jet 92). (Special wax request or storage wax +$10.00)  
Wax & Edge (Trim 71) $45.00 
 Ceramic stone tuned edges (Trim 71) and a universal wax.
(Special wax request or storage wax +$10.00)
Full Tune $59.00 
Belt Grind, Stone Ground Structure (Sigma SBI), Ceramic Tuned Edges (Trim 71), Cork Belt Polish and a Universal Wax.
(Special wax request or storage wax +$10.00)
Full Tune w/Base Repair $69.00 
Belt Grind, P-Tex Base Repair, Stone Ground Structure, Ceramic Turned Edges, Cork Belt Polish and a Universal Wax. 
(For more extensive P-Tex work +$10.00)
Base Grind  $49.00
Stage Stone Grind with a specific Race Structure.  
Full Race Tune (Includes base repairs)  $75.00
Belt Grind, Base Repair, (if necessary), 4 Stage Stone Grind with a Race Specific Structure, Ceramic Tuned Edges (or hand tuned and polished) to a Specific Angle, Cork Belt Polish, and a Universal Race Wax.
(For Hand Tuned Edges +$10.00)
(Special Race Wax Request +10.00)
Patches / Edge Repair & Replacement                           From $45.00
A quote will be given once assessment of damage is completed  
Epoxy Repair  From $60.00
A quote will be given once assessment of damage is completed  
Binding Check & Adjust  $35.00
DIN Settings checked and correctly adjusted.
REE if purchased second hand at Snowcentre)
 Binding Mount  $95.00
Bindings Mounted, DIN Setting and Forward Pressure checked and adjusted. (FREE if Ski or Snowboard purchased at Snowcentre)  
 Binding Remount $95.00
Existing Holes Plugged and Bindings Remounted.
If purchased from the Snowcentre second hand department


FREE workshop clinics as follows

3rd July

7th August

4th September

2nd October


630 to 730pm

Nibbles and drinks provided

Taken by our Workshop Manager and his team

Diego De Monte (ex-technician for Italian Women’s Ski Team)



Snow Workshop Technician Courses 

Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm

Cost $1695.00

Taken by our Workshop Technician Mitchell Neumann

4-22 December 

19 Feb to 9 March 2018 


Advanced Ski Technicians Course

15/10/2018 to 19/10/2018  

Also taken by Diego De Monte (ex-technician for ItalianWomens Ski Team)

10am to 3pm Monday to Friday

Cost is $695 for the weeks course
Technicians must have completed a basic workshop course or worked in a workshopfor a season.

For more information or to book a course please email