Ski boots are the most important ski equipment purchase you will ever make

At Snowcentre we know that a well-fitted boot is the key to a great skiing and boarding experience. As years go by we continue to invest more in this area than any other retailer in New Zealand. The key to finding a great fitting boot is to try on a variety of different brands and models. Snowcentre carries a full range of the top brands, for kids and first timers, through to experts and racers. We have chosen specific models that we know suit New Zealand feet.

Book yourself in and have one of our experienced Bootfitters find the best boot for you.

You can use our Snowcentre Bootfitting Bot to book an appointment today! 

Simply click on the link and to our Snowcentre Bootfitting Bot page and click on the "Book Now" button as shown below and answer the simple questions that our Bot asks. 

Once you have answered all the required questions our Boot Fitting Bot will confirm your appointment with you. If you need to cancel simply connect with the Bot again to confirm either a date and time change or a cancellation. 

The answer to getting a great pair of boots is to make sure you find the right type of boot for your foot. Our experts analyse each and every foot for length, shape and unique features to help you select the boot that provides the best fit and performance. Most manufacturers strive to find the formula for a comfortable boot straight out of the box, so in most cases we can find the perfect boot from our extensive range in store. However, if you have specialised needs, we have the best boot fitting equipment and specialised staff to meet the most demanding boot customisations.

For our value conscious customers we have new boots from $399 and for our expert skiers we have sourced the most technically advanced ski boots on the market. Wherever you fit on the spectrum, we have the boots for you in store now.


Looking for total customisation? Find it at both Snowcentre Newmarket & Ohakune this season.

The Fischer VACUUM FIT technology enables for the first time a completely anatomical adjustment of the boot with a quality never reached before, all in 20 minutes.

Although we can generally find to fit most feet straight out of the box, the Fischer Vacuum boots are a great option for those that have struggled to find complete comfort.

Snowcentre continues to invest more to get you in boots that work on the snow. Click here for more on the process.